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Custom Screen Enclosures To Make the Most Out of Outdoor Living Spaces

If you are building outdoor living space for your home, there may be some covered areas that need improvements. You may also want to add covered enclosures to your outdoor space. Therefore, you are going to need custom screen enclosures to make the most of the available space. There are choices for screen features that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space more. The following custom screen enclosure solutions will give you what you need for your outdoor living space design:

Enclosing Existing Porch Areas

The porches of your home might be some of the first areas where you want to add custom screen enclosures. There are many different options for the types of screens that can be installed. You may want to have conventional screens installed that slide or open like conventional windows. There are also modern retractable and roll-up screen designs that can make your porch space more versatile.

Adding Screens to Pergolas

There are other areas where you may want to add screen enclosures. The structures that you want to add custom-built screens include pergolas. A custom screen enclosure service can create a retractable canopy and screen features that can turn any pergola into an enclosed space. This can be great for pergolas in a pool area, where you want the space to be convertible to also allow you to enjoy the sun when you want.

Screening-In Open-Air Pavilions

Another type of outdoor structure where you may want to add screens is a pavilion. You may have a pavilion for outdoor seating, kitchen, and dining spaces. Therefore, you want to make sure these areas are protected from the elements and potential pests. The addition of custom screen designs can be a great way to make the pavilions a convertible space. You can even ask the screen installer about options like retractable glass and wall features for your pavilion.

Other Custom Screen and Glass Solutions

The custom screens can be used for other solutions for outdoor spaces. One of the options that you may want to consider is connecting main living spaces with open-air screen features. Retractable glass doors and screens can be used to allow you to integrate indoor spaces with outdoor areas. You may also want to add custom screen enclosure features to other outdoor spaces around your home.

Adding screen enclosures to your outdoor living space will allow you to enjoy it more. Contact a custom screen enclosure service like Wyatt's Contracting Services LLC and ask them about these solutions for your open-air spaces.