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Where Should You Place Your Outside Fireplace? 5 Ideas

Do you want to add the warmth and beauty of an outdoor fireplace? Then one of the most important questions you must answer is where to place it. The right placement of a fireplace will add value to your outdoor entertainment and even help solve a few problems with it. To help you find the perfect spot for a fireplace, here are a few ways to use it in any backyard.

1. Against the House.

Probably the most common placement for outside fireplaces is against the wall of the main house. The wall provides a stable structure for the setup of the fireplace and is one of the easiest places to add utility access if needed. If your patio or deck is small, this location also takes up the least amount of room and keeps open space at a premium. 

2. In a Dedicated Niche.

Is your backyard large, and does it lack compelling features to draw out people and make use of it? Then getting a fireplace could be a great solution. Move a self-sufficient fireplace away from the house and existing entertainment lounges and place it farther into the yard. Create a dedicated lounge centered around it. You'll use more of the yard and provide a large space with a needed focal point. 

3. Near the Pool.

Liven up an old swimming pool and make it into an all-season destination by placing the fireplace by the pool instead of by the home. The fire feature works well with the water of the pool, creating a beautiful and artistic setup. Plus it will keep guests warm and dry whether or not they use your pool, increasing its use all year round. 

4. To Break Up a Large Patio.

A fireplace can be used to give a large entertainment zone some structure. Choose a dual-sided fireplace that can be enjoyed from both sides, then place it in the center (or in whatever configuration you desire) of the oversized area. The barrier creates two separate lounges that can both benefit from the fireplace and yet still be used independently. 

5. Where There's a View.

Use the fireplace as a way to point guests to what you want them to look at in your yard. Have a great view of the sunset? Encourage everyone to enjoy it by placing a low fireplace where the view from seating will be ideal. You can even use the placement to focus attention away from unsightly yard elements and toward what you like most about the yard. 

Want more ideas to place your new fireplace at exactly the right spot? Whether you want to improve the look of your backyard, make it more functional, or give it a new purpose, a fireplace contractor can help you achieve your goal. Make an appointment today to get started.