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Why Log Homes Are Having A Resurgence

Log homes have been an iconic part of the American image for many years, first as an actual, useful building and then immortalized in the many westerns starring famous movie stars. But they used to be thought of as quite an antiquated idea, after all, why use only timber and thick logs when there are much easier and more malleable materials. The truth is that these log home materials give the structure a distinct advantage that is very sought after in today's environment of cheap and disposable homes. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider making your next home one made out of logs.

Great Insulation

One of the reasons why log homes were so popular back in the 1700 and 1800s is that the logs were very thick, which would work great for insulation against harsh winter winds that you found in many parts of the country. Plasterboard is tiny in comparison to logs, and even thicker materials like bricks are not as dense as timber. If you live in a place that is constantly getting temperatures in the teens during winter, then a log home might be just the ticket to keep you nice and snug.

Better For The Environment

While in the past, logging might have been seen to be the face of environmental degradation, many modern wooden homes are built from sustainable timber. These are forests specifically planted to be cut down and then replanted again, leaving the natural forests alone to harbor the many valuable ecosystems found within. More modern building materials often incur a far bigger toll on the environment because of how synthetic and processed everything is. All of these materials and chemicals go through so many treatments that each uses up a lot of fuel, contributing to the greenhouse effect. 


Another reason why log home materials are better than mass-produced homes is that they are built to last. In the olden days, it was not unusual for generations of families to live in the same house, and many of these homes still stand to this day. Log homes are thick, with impeccable joinery, and have good foundations, all of which means that while they may look simple on the outside, they are built like a fort on the inside. If you want a home that you can grow old in without worrying about major renovations, log homes are your prime candidate.

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