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4 Tips For Getting A New Fence Installed

If you want a new privacy fence, but you want something other than wood so you don't have to do much maintenance, consider a vinyl fence. If you don't like white vinyl fences, you can buy one that's made to look like real wood. The vinyl has the color of wood complete with dark grain patterns. Here are a few tips for fence installation whether you decide on a wood or vinyl privacy fence.

1. Expect To Wait During The Busy Season

You can have a fence installed any time of the year, but if you don't want a long wait, then you may need to call a fence contractor during their slow season. Fence installers are usually busier when the weather is nice and people start home improvement projects. You may need to wait several weeks until work can begin in the summer, which may not matter if you're not in a rush.

2. Ask For Posts To Be Set In Concrete

Your fence installation will be more secure if the posts are set in concrete rather than just driven into the ground. This is true for vinyl fencing as well as wood. Concrete holds the posts steady so they can support the fence panels that are nailed to them.

3. Find Out If You Need A Permit Or Survey

One thing you'll need to do before the fence installation begins is to have utility lines marked. The fence installer may even call and have this done for you. The fencing company will also know if you need a permit, and they may obtain that too.

The company might advise you to get a boundary survey done, but you'll need to call a survey company to do it and complete the survey before work starts on your fence.

4. Talk To Your Neighbors

Tell your neighbors ahead of time that you'll be putting up a new fence. If you share the fence with your neighbors, they may want to leave the old fence so it matches the rest of their fence. In that case, you might need to install the new fence alongside the old one.

If your neighbors are receptive to the idea of getting a new fence, they might even be willing to help with the costs since they will benefit too. Another reason to talk to your neighbors is to find out if anyone objects to the fence and is likely to raise problems later. It's better to solve differences before the fence installation begins so you don't end up in court due to a disgruntled neighbor.

To learn more information, reach out to a fence installation company near you.