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Civil Excavation Safety Tips That Work

Civil excavation is probably one of the most important aspects of construction as this is when materials are moved and manipulated. Thanks to these safety tips, you can engage in civil excavation without putting yourself or others at risk.

See if Anything Affected Ground Stability Each Day

Performing inspections is pretty routine when completing a civil excavation project, but you want to pay attention to the stability of ground conditions in particular. Things may have happened overnight that changed the worksite and you need to know when this happens.

Then you'll be able to plan around this stability change, such as making adjustments to the ground or using different machinery. You need to switch things up so that ground stability issues don't end up causing anyone to get hurt while excavation takes place.

Put Barriers Around Significant Slopes

If there are going to be tall slopes around an excavation site, then you want to put barriers around them. That's going to keep machinery and people from falling down and significantly hurting themselves. You can set up barriers and then know where to not operate machinery. 

Just make sure you go with durable barriers that will stay put just in case you have machinery that bumps up against them. Durable and heavy barriers will stay put, keeping machine operators in a safe place as opposed to falling over the side of a slope.

Make Sure Operators Are Familiar with Equipment

You will be using a lot of equipment to complete civil excavation regardless of what structure is being built. Make sure all operators of said equipment have proper knowledge on how to safely use everything.

Then you won't be liable or have to worry about operators getting themselves in a lot of trouble. Whether it's large excavators or mini excavators, all operators need to have the proper training and proof so that you can make sure civil excavation is done in a controlled and safe manner. If an operator doesn't have the proper training, make sure they get it before working with any machine.

Safety is something you want to always observe when civil excavation takes place. You have control over a lot of things, such as the equipment used, how adjustments are made to the ground, and who you trust to work around these sites. Just make sure everyone on the team cares about excavation safety just as much as you do.