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Commercial General Contractor? Why You Should Use One When Renovating Your Business Space

Many businesses had their employees work-from-home or were forced to temporarily lay them off during the worst of the pandemic. With most shut-down and work-from-home directives now eased, some companies are now looking at their business locations and creating a new method to work with fresh ideas, some of which can require making renovations to the existing workspaces. If you are a business owner who is planning a renovation project of this nature, this information can help you understand the benefits of using a commercial general contractor to manage these improvements. 

Freeing up time 

While you may be perfectly capable of hiring contractors and attending to the day-to-day needs of this type of renovation project, doing so may not be a wise choice for the health of your company. Answering calls, solving contractor issues, and ensuring that all components of the project align with the design, budget, and existing building codes is a full-time job. Unless you can afford to have someone else run your business while you act as your own commercial general contractor, hiring a reputable contractor is sure to be a wise choice. 

Another time-saving advice that commercial general contractors can bring to a business renovation project is found in their knowledge and historical partnerships with many of the contractors, suppliers, inspectors, lenders, and delivery companies who will be needed to complete the project. Because of these long-standing connections, commercial general contractors will be able to remove many of the delays and obstacles that could arise during the hiring and scheduling of additional contractors needed to perform each step of the renovation project. 

Removing unnecessary liability

Business owners who decide to act as their own commercial general contractor are making a potentially risky decision because they are accepting liability for anything that might go wrong during the renovation project. One of the key benefits of hiring a commercial general contractor, instead of DIY-ing the project, is that a hired contractor must have sufficient worker's compensation, property, and liability insurance coverage for the project they are hired to manage. If a problem occurs, the insurance carried by the commercial general contractor will provide a layer of needed insulation to protect the business owner from expensive liability lawsuits and other legal issues. 

Business owners who are planning to renovate their business location in order to offer more convenience and support to their workforce, both the physical office space and remote work, can get valuable advice by discussing it with a commercial general contractor before moving ahead with their plans.