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Garage Door Getting Older? 2 Signs You Need To Have It Repaired

If your garage door is getting older, you need to be careful as some garage door problems can be dangerous. Also, someone may be able to break into the garage much easier if it is having problems. Below are two signs you need to watch out for so you can get your garage door repaired before something does happen.

Damaged Springs

The springs on a garage door are what allows it to move up and down. Over time, these springs can wear out. If you notice your garage door is not opening or closing correctly, the springs may be the culprit. The springs are also what allows your garage door to open and close at the right speed when you use your garage door opener or if you are opening the door yourself. 

The springs are not a job for someone to repair on their own; instead, hire a garage door contractor to repair them for you. The springs can be very dangerous if they come off quickly. Also, if your garage door is having problems opening or closing, it could close very fast and could cause damage to someone if they were under the door. This could even cause death in some cases. 

Noisy Garage Door 

If your garage door is making a lot of loud noises when it is opening or closing, this can be due to many things. If you are hearing a squeaking sound, the rollers may need to be lubricated or they may need to be replaced. If the rollers do need to be lubricated, you can do this on your own. Make sure you purchase the right type of lubricant. If you are not sure, ask a professional to help you.

If you hear a rattling noise when the garage door is opening or closing this may be screws or nuts and bolts are loose and need to be tightened. Tighten them and see if this fixes the problem. A popping sound is generally a torsion problem that is caused by the springs. Adjusting the springs may make this noise go away. The springs will need to be replaced if you continue hearing the popping sound.

Contact a garage door company, such as Plano Overhead Garage Door, and they can send out a garage door contractor to your home. It may be that your garage door simply needs to be maintained. If problems are found and they are severe, the contractor may suggest that you replace your old garage door with a new one.