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3 Foundation Issues You Need To Have Repaired

A foundation is what a house sits on. It holds up your home and is a part of your home that you need to care for and repair, just like you do any other part of your home. It's a part of the house that is often neglected or ignored, but one that can cause you a lot of problems if you allow it to remain damaged for too long without any repairs. Your home could also be at risk if your foundation is not repaired. Read on for a few foundation issues that you need to have repaired.

1. Foundation Leaks

If your foundation leaks, you could have water in your basement or your crawl space, or in other areas of your home as well. A foundation leak can cause other problems; a minor crack could get worse and become a gaping hole or cause your foundation to sink. If you have a leak in your foundation, and it's a minor crack causing this issue, you may be able to make the repair yourself by filling in the cracks with concrete caulk or a concrete repair kit. Be sure to clean out the crack with a chisel and a stiff bristle brush and fill the crack with the fill of your choice.

2. Sinking Foundation

If you notice that your foundation is sinking, you may have problems with doors opening and closing in your home, or you could have cracks in your drywall. if you have a sinking foundation, it is going to need to be lifted and filled beneath it to prevent it from sinking further. This is not something you can handle on your own; you should hire a professional foundation repair company to help you with this task.

3. Crumbling Foundation

If your foundation is crumbling, you may have to have it reinforced or replaced altogether, which is another major repair that you should not try to handle on your own. A crumbling foundation can cause your entire house to be unsafe, and you need to have it repaired immediately before your entire house crumbles to the ground as well. 

If you have any of these issues with your foundation, or you have other issues with your foundation, you need to call a professional to help you repair your foundation. You want this type of repair work done correctly to ensure your home is safe, so hire a professional.

For more information, contact a business that offers concrete foundations services.