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3 Clearest Signs You Should Replace Your Metal Roof

With proper care, a metal roof can serve your business for many years. However, this roof has an expiration date — like anything else in life. Metal roofs will eventually succumb to the elements and begin to deteriorate. You should replace a damaged roof to ensure the best protection against harsh elements. 

Check out the best signs that you may need to replace a deteriorated metal roof.

Rust and Corrosion

Roofing experts usually seal a metal roof with a protective coating to minimize rust effects. However, a wrongly-applied or damaged coating exposes your roof to harsh environmental elements, and it eventually begins to rust. The same applies if an installer accidentally cuts crucial parts of the roof during installation. 

Additionally, corrosion is likely to happen if different metals make up your roof. When two dissimilar metals (like aluminum and copper) come together, the chemical reaction that occurs corrodes the material, which results in a leaky roof. Also, the metal fittings and fasteners that hold your roof together can rust after prolonged exposure to moisture.

A professional can replace the corroded parts of your roof. However, a complete roof replacement should be considered if your roof is extensively damaged. 

Roof Leaks and Tears

Weather and old age can warp or loosen the metal roof panels, which can cause leaks inside your business premises. If left unattended, leaks can ruin essential structures below your roof, like the ceiling. Even worse, roof leaks can weaken your ceiling and cause it to cave in. Moisture is also a significant trigger for harmful mold growth – a serious health risk if you run a busy establishment. 

If you can walk on your roof during inspections, you have a robust metal roof. However, your metal panels can tear if you put too much weight on them. Accumulated tree debris and snow can also tear your roofing material.

While you can easily fix a tear with caulk, significant roof damage compromises your roof's structural integrity such that simple fixes can't help. Only a roof replacement can resolve the issue.  

Visible Storm Damage

Strong winds, storms, and hail can ruin your metal panel's integrity. For instance, if a tree limb falls on your roof, the metal panels get damaged, and it's a matter of time before the roof fails. 

Ensure that you perform a thorough roof inspection after heavy rains or severe windstorms. Also, remove all debris from your roof as soon as you can. If your roof sustains severe dents, you should consider a complete roof replacement instead. 

If your metal roof exhibits any of the above signs, schedule a reroof before it's too late. Keep in mind that metal roof replacement requires special installation techniques. So, only enlist professional roofers to install your commercial roofing correctly.