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Tips For Getting A Property Survey Done For Your Lender When Purchasing A Property

If you're preparing to purchase a property, then you might need to have a land survey done on the property for a few reasons. Not only do you probably want to have one done yourself, but your lender might require you to have it done too. These are all tips that can help you with getting a property survey done when you're in this situation.

Have the Job Done By a Licensed Surveyor

If you're getting a land survey because your lender requires it, then you should know that they probably require that the land survey be done by a land surveyor who is certified and insured. Therefore, you should double-check that your chosen land surveyor is qualified for the job before you have your land surveyed.

Find Out What Type of Survey Is Needed

Most land surveyors will perform different types of land surveys, and you'll want to be sure that you have the right type of survey done based on what your lender requires. Your lender might just want a basic boundary survey if you're buying a pre-built home, for example, but they might require you to have a construction survey done if they are financing you for a construction loan.

Save the Paperwork from the Land Surveyor

You can't just tell your lender that you had a land survey done; they will probably want to see proof of it. Therefore, make sure that you ask your land surveyor for a copy of everything that they have done. You might want to get a couple of copies, so you can keep one for your own purposes. Plus, you will have an extra to give to your lender.

Submit the Paperwork as Soon as Possible

As soon as possible after you have had the land survey done, you should submit the paperwork from the survey to your lender. You might be able to drop it off at your loan officer's office, or you might be able to submit it via email or fax. Either way, the sooner that you get this document submitted, the sooner that you can move forward with the other steps of getting approved for your financing.

As you can see, there are a few tips that you should follow when it comes to having a property survey done for your lender's requirements. Follow these tips, and you can hopefully check yet one more thing off of your to-do list when you're in the process of purchasing a property.

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