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Useful Tips For Commercial Real Estate Investors Dealing With Land Title Surveys

Any time you purchase commercial real estate, conducting a land title survey is standard practice. It gives you useful details like improvements and boundary lines. If you handle a land title survey in the following ways when purchasing commercial real estate, it will lead to better investments ultimately.

Consider Drone Technology

Thanks to the advancements with drones, a lot of land title surveyors are starting to rely on said technology when performing these property assessments. You might want to take advantage of it with your own land title survey because it can bring forth detailed and convenient survey results.

The licensed surveyor won't have to waste time walking everywhere when performing this survey since their supporting drone can navigate the area in a much quicker fashion. The surveying pictures will be highly detailed too, helping you gain meaningful property details before making an offer. 

Decide Between a New and Re-Certified Survey

An important decision to make when having a land title survey performed is figuring out whether to have a new one performed or go the recertified route. If the seller of the property already has a survey and it's older, then you may just need to have it recertified.

In that case, you'll need to get with the original land title surveyor and have them complete this process. Whereas if there isn't a land title survey currently available, you'll need to have a new one performed and can then choose whatever surveyor you want. 

Correctly Submit an Order When Having New Survey Completed 

If you're planning to have a completely new land title survey completed, then you'll need to send in an order with a land surveying company. You'll provide a lot of helpful information, such as special items you want to be shown in this survey.

It might be showing all structures in the vicinity or focusing on areas where there may be current boundary disputes. As long as you remain thorough when putting in this order, your land title survey is going to be specific and thus be more impactful in helping you make the right commercial real estate transactions. 

You can make better commercial real estate investments if you have land title surveys conducted. Then you'll know key details like boundary lines and other structural details. You just need to approach these surveys with the right insights so that you have a pleasant experience with whichever land surveyor you end up working with.

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