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3 Signs You Need To Call A Residential Land Drainage Contractor

Poor land drainage can have several negative effects on your land. For instance, poor drainage can lead to: 

As a result, it is advisable to hire a residential land drainage contractor to redesign your land's drainage system as a preemptive measure to prevent the above scenarios. Most homeowners don't know if their properties have drainage issues. As a result, they don't know if they need to call a residential land drainage contractor. 

If you are such a homeowner, here are three signs you need to call a residential land drainage contractor. 

1. Water Pooling On your Property 

Water pooling is among the first signs of a drainage issue on your property. Pooling occurs when rainwater doesn't drain away but rather stagnates on your land, creating a pool of water. Nonetheless, water can also pool on your land if the area has a high water table. 

Irrespective of the cause, pools of stagnant water on your property can lead to various issues, such as mosquitoes. As a result, it is best to call a residential land drainage contractor to assess why water is pooling on your property. 

After determining the cause of the pooling, the land drainage contractor can design a drainage system to prevent water pooling on your property. Thus, you never have to encounter pools of water on your property again. 

2. Water Damage to Your Foundation 

Poor drainage can lead to your home's foundation encountering water damage. For instance, if water pools around your home, your foundation will absorb excess water resulting in water damage. If you constructed your house downslope, water from the higher areas of your property drains towards your house. As a result, your foundation absorbs excess water as it drains away. 

If you don't change your land's drainage, your home's foundation will encounter severe water damage. In the worst-case scenario, the water damage could cause your foundation to fail, and hence your house could collapse. 

Thus, when you notice signs of water damage on your home's foundation, call a residential land drainage contractor immediately. Using earth grading techniques, a land drainage contractor can divert your land's natural drainage away from your house. Thus, draining water will flow away from your home to prevent further water damage to your foundation. 

3. Soil Erosion

Poor water drainage is among the leading causes of soil erosion in sloping areas. Soil erosion occurs when large amounts of water drain away too fast, carrying away the topsoil. 

The topsoil is essential for crop and vegetation growth as it contains most of the humus and fertilizer. Hence, neglecting soil erosion can lead to poor crop and vegetation growth on your land. Thus, call a residential land drainage contractor if the soil erosion on your property results from poor drainage. 

A land drainage contractor, such as H & I Excavating, can help redesign or alter your land's drainage system to slow down the rate of water drainage to prevent soil erosion.