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What Maintenance Should You Have A Garage Door Company Do?

When a professional comes to install your garage door, they might tell you, as they leave, to contact them if you need any maintenance performed on the door. If you're like the average homeowner, this statement might have you a bit perplexed. What maintenance might your garage door need? What would you have this company do? As it turns out, garage doors do benefit from a few key types of maintenance over their lifespans. Take a look.

Tightening Hardware

Garage doors have a lot of bolts and screws associated with them. There's hardware that holds the tracks in place, and more hardware that holds the opener to the ceiling. This hardware tends to slowly loosen as the garage door shakes with normal use. Then, the components of the garage door tend to bounce around a little, which is not good for them. If you have a garage door maintenance company come to tighten the hardware now and then, you'll reduce wear and tear not only on the hardware but on the rest of the door and its components.

Lubricating and Adjusting the Chain

The chain that pulls your garage door up is a lot like the chain in a bike. It tends to get dry and stiff over time. Your garage door company can lubricate it to prevent it from rusting and stiffening. If they ever notice that the chain is becoming loose, which can happen now and then, they can also remove a link or two to tighten it back up. It's best to have them do this before it significantly affects the operation of your garage door.

Tightening the Springs

Garage doors have either one or two large springs that hold tension as the door goes up and down. These springs tend to loosen and lose their tension over time. A garage door maintenance professional can periodically tighten the springs so they keep doing their job, rather than eventually letting the door sag down when it's in the open position. Well-maintained springs are also less likely to snap, which is important for safety reasons.

Garage door companies offer maintenance services for a reason. Those maintenance services reduce the need for repairs, and they keep garage doors functioning as they should. If you have any more specific questions about these maintenance services, don't hesitate to call your garage door company. It is usually easiest to work with the one that installed your garage door.

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