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Signs Your Septic Tank Is Needing To Be Professionally Cleaned

Failing to keep the septic tank clean can have some severe impacts on your unit's performance. This can manifest in a handful of different ways that may indicate that your septic tank is in dire need of cleaning and servicing work.

Drains And Toilets That Are Much Slower Than Normal

An especially common indication that your septic system is needing to be cleaned will involve the drains and toilets being much slower than normal. If these fixtures are not able to rapidly drain, this could indicate that the septic tank may be full enough to inhibit its ability to process and release water. Thoroughly cleaning the septic tank can help to alleviate this problem so that the flow of water through the system will be fully restored.

Puddles Of Water In The Yard

Puddles of water in the yard can be a sign of a serious problem with the septic tank. If it becomes full enough to develop clogs, this can prevent the drain field from evenly disposing of the water from the tank. As a result, some areas of the soil may receive far more wastewater than others, and this could lead to water ponding or the soil becoming soggy. A professional septic tank maintenance service will need to inspect the system to determine the extent of this problem so that the necessary repairs can be completed. Often, this may involve both thoroughly cleaning the septic tank as well as dislodging clogs that may have formed in the system.

Sewage Backflowing Into The Home

One of the more troubling issues that can arise if your septic tank system becomes too full could be the risk of water backflowing into the home. This will be an extremely unpleasant problem to encounter, and it can result in substantial interior damage to the house if it is able to contribute to sinks, toilets, or other plumbing fixtures overflowing. Due to the high risk of this causing major damage to the interior of the home, a person should act quickly to schedule repairs whenever they notice that this is starting to become a problem for their system. Luckily, many septic tank cleaning services can provide emergency response times that will allow a homeowner to ensure that the necessary repairs and cleaning work are started as quickly as possible so that they can avoid the disruption of being unable to safely use their plumbing until the septic tank issue is fully addressed.