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Ready-Mix Concrete — Ordering Tips For Concrete-Related Projects

Ready-mix concrete is great in that it's made inside a plant and then delivered to job sites for specific concrete applications. If you have a project that warrants this type of concrete, make sure you review these tips before placing an order with a supplier.

Review Project's Specific Needs

There are a lot of ways ready-mix concrete can be made because of the various ingredients that are available. You'll have a better idea of what custom formula to focus on if you take enough time to analyze the project that requires said concrete.

What do you plan to create with ready-mix concrete and where will this project take place? Maybe you want to create concrete flooring for a building for instance. Just assess this project for as long as you need until you know for sure how your ready-mix concrete batches should come out. 

Hire a Ready-Mix Concrete Consult if You Are Inexperienced

If you don't have a lot of experience with ready-mix concrete, then you probably should work with a consultant from start to finish for this ordering process. They'll make sure you account for the right factors to where optimal ready-mix concrete is delivered to a target site successfully.

For instance, a consultant can help you figure out an exact ready-mix concrete formula and make sure its delivery is planned carefully weeks in advance. What that does is give you more control of this concrete's delivery. Then, major obstacles can be avoided, fortunately. 

Utilize Pump Delivery Methods

There are a couple of different ways ready-mix concrete can be delivered to your work site, but one of the better options is pump delivery methods. This is where ready-mix concrete shows up in a delivery truck and is then pumped around a target location of your choosing. 

This pumping method allows operators to be very precise with where ready-mix concrete is ultimately placed, which is very important for getting the most from this substance. You won't have to perform a bunch of touch-ups because the placement was perfected. Pump methods also ensure ready-mix concrete isn't wasted at any point during its drop-off.

If you have a project that requires a lot of concrete, the ready-mix variety might be something you focus on in particular. You'll just need to spend time analyzing your project's details so that you know exactly what type of ready-mix concrete to get, how much to order, and when to have it delivered.  

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