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Asphalt Paving Services: 4 Unique Solutions A Contractor Can Offer To Prevent Potholes

Asphalt paving is a valuable asset for any commercial or residential property. It provides safe, reliable pathways and outdoor surfaces to drive and walk on. Potholes, however, can quickly render asphalt roads and pathways unusable, making them unsafe and unsightly. Harsh weather conditions and repeated traffic can deteriorate the surface of asphalt pavement and create potholes. A competent contractor can provide numerous unique solutions to prevent potholes from forming. Here are four of the solutions: 

Regular Maintenance

Even the best-installed pavements need regular maintenance to prevent potholes. A contractor can inspect pavement regularly and make repairs as needed. These maintenance services can include filling cracks, cleaning debris from the surface, and patching and sealing it. The professionals can also use specialized products, such as pavement sealers to extend the life of asphalt pavement and prevent future potholes.

Geotextile Fabric Installation

Geotextile fabric can be installed under the asphalt pavement to create a barrier and reduce potholes. The fabric is commonly made from polyester, which offers excellent strength and durability. It helps to keep the sub-base layer of pavement strong and prevent damage caused by water and soil erosion. It also increases the durability of asphalt pavement, so potholes are less likely to form.

Asphalt Rejuvenators

Asphalt rejuvenators are specialized chemicals designed to restore the properties of aged asphalt pavement and prevent potholes. The chemicals can create a seal on top of the pavement, making it resistant to water penetration and erosion. It also helps to restore the flexibility and elasticity of asphalt pavement, which can help to reduce damage from harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic. If potholes have already formed, the rejuvenators can help to repair them quickly and prevent further damage.


Finally, resurfacing is one of the most effective ways to prevent potholes. A contractor can use a specialized machine to remove the existing pavement and replace it with a new layer of asphalt. The process can restore the pavement's strength and make it more resistant to damage from weather and traffic. Resurfacing also helps to beautify the pavement, creating an attractive, smooth surface that is free of potholes.

Depending on the condition of the pavement, a contractor can recommend one or more of these solutions to prevent potholes. The professionals can inspect asphalt pavement and provide the best solution to keep it safe and functional. Contact a contractor today to learn more about asphalt paving services and pothole prevention.