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4 Reasons Why Paint Is Better Than Wallpaper

If you've decided to decorate some of the rooms in your home, then you might not be sure whether to use paint or wallpaper. While wallpaper can be a good choice, paint has additional benefits. What are they?

1. Less Preparation

You have to prep any wall before you paint or hang wallpaper. Surface imperfections might show through in your final finish.

Wallpaper typically needs more preparation work. The paper clings to the wall. It can highlight imperfections such as bumps and uneven areas.

You usually don't have to do as much preparation work before you paint. You need a smooth surface; however, paint can hide minor areas of damage or imperfections.

2. Multi-Room Suitability

Wallpaper doesn't work well in every room. For example, if you want to decorate a kitchen or bathroom, then it isn't generally a good choice.

If you hang wallpaper in a room that is wet, humid, or prone to condensation problems, then your wallpaper will get damp or wet. It might bubble up or peel off its wall.

Paint is a better option in these rooms. You can buy specialty paints for kitchens or bathrooms as they withstand the effects of water, humidity, or condensation. Your walls will look better, and your paint covering will last longer.

3. Easier Cleaning

Wall coverings take some damage over time. They can get dirty in areas you touch, say around light switches. They can get scuff marks and stains on them. Over the years, parts of your walls might start to look dirty.

Regular wallpapers aren't easy to clean. They might not be washable, meaning you could damage the surface and leave indelible marks on the paper.

While some paints aren't washable, many are. If you want to make it easier to clean your walls in the future, then you can use wipeable or washable paints. You'll find it a lot easier to keep your walls clean.

4. Easier Damage Repair

Wallpaper damage is hard to repair. For example, if you scratch wallpaper when you are moving furniture, then the paper will be cut. You might be able to stick the cut edges down, but the damage will still be visible on most wallpapers.

If you have significant damage, then you might need to replace a strip of paper. However, you won't always get a perfect repair. If your wallpaper has been up for a while, then it might have faded and changed color. A new strip won't blend in.

Paint can also get damaged. It might scrape off if you hit a wall when you move furniture. However, this damage is easier to fix. You can simply touch up the damage with some leftover paint.

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