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Decide Between Siding Materials

Siding is an essential component in nearly all homes across America and is a choice that can affect the rest of the design throughout your whole house. Many people make the choice about their siding materials early on precisely for that reason and base their whole home on it. However, before you choose any siding material, you should know roughly what they provide in terms of benefits and negatives. Here is a quick breakdown of popular siding materials and how to choose one as a new home builder.

Vinyl Siding

To start off with, the budget option of champions is vinyl sliding. It is tough, it does not need to be updated or painted, and it can do a good job in most conditions. If you are going by pure value for money, then it is hard to scoff at vinyl siding. It comes in so many different color choices as well. The only issues that some have with it are that it can look plastic and fake in the sunlight, and in very cold climates, it does not perform the same insulation as wood.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is tough, beautiful to look at, and provides great insulation from heat and sound. This might sound great, so what could possibly be the downsides to that? Well, the short answer is that wood needs to be resealed and painted every so often, generally not more than twice a decade, but that can vary. It does also provide a slight risk when it comes to termites, but you can mitigate this through proper protective procedures. Wood is still a very safe choice and only slightly more expensive big brother to vinyl siding.

Metal Sliding

If you live in a more inhospitable part of the country and need protection from the elements on a day-to-day basis, then metal siding is your material. It is the strongest available and turns your home into a kind of mini-fortress. It might not be the best at insulation, as metal is a conductor, but it can withstand heavy-duty weather events with little more than a scratch. Metal siding is also very long-lasting and can be customized in any color or pattern that you are looking for. Just know that this protection comes with an increased price tag.

Whatever siding material you go with, make sure to do your research so you can choose the best one for your property.